Context and Objective:

For the occasion of Menstrual hygiene day, we at Uninhibited organized a virtual sharing circle on 22nd May, 2021 to co-create a reflective space for individuals, collectives and organisations working in the Menstrual Health and hygiene ecosystem. To share how the journey of their work and mission towards menstruation has been impacted in the past one year through COVID-19 pandemic.

The event marked the presence of 32 individuals and organizations such as Project Bala, Goonj, Dasra, MITU foundation, Jatan Santhan, Saral Designs, Dev Solutions, Shiksharth, Pahal, Anandwan and many more.

Everyone shared their experience, thoughts, along with…

Written by: Sakshi Srivastava & Dilip Pattubala

Authors’ special note:- Throughout this article, W.A.G.T.A. (Women, adolescent girls, trans, AFAB (assigned/observed female at birth) refers to the population that experiences/have experienced a menstrual cycle throughout their life. This is only for ease of reading and not to be taken as an absolute term.

We as an ecosystem( Ecosystem refers to all the stakeholders like W.A.G.T.A, Civil society organisations, Research and Advocacy Institutions, Product Markets, Governments etc, who work together on achieving better menstrual health ) are mindful of the diversity in the population and in the process of understanding the inclusive…

When I was child like every child`s dream, to want become an Engineer, Pilot and Police officer. I too wanted to become a doctor. As I grew up, I realized that the path of become a doctor is difficult and also the amount of time and money invested was high. That`s when I changed my field according to my interest.
Last year when I joined The Period Fellowship. Since then many a times people have addressed me as a doctor. Most of them have also asked me whether I am a doctor or not. …

I am Dr.Sushma M N from Bengaluru.

I was studying seventh standard and was 11 yrs old when I attained my menarche. It was a usual Sunday morning and I was busy with my drawing assignment. I heard a knock at the door and when I rushed to open it my mother noticed 2 red spots on the backside of my yellow frock. She and my sister had a brief talk and summoned me to come back and check those stains to confirm if it were from my first period.

Though I was educated about menstruation as early as in…


Today I and Pragna were given a task of distibuting a pack of compostable pads to the female staff at my office for them to use and give a feedback. While Pragna held the bag, I collected their contact information and signatures. There were very few, 7 to be precise who openly accepted, spoke and held the pack without hesitation. More than 14 of them immediately asked for newspaper to wrap. I had to ask back the newspaper that I had held for support for signing. So much of shame and stigma is attached to sanitary napkins, to menstruation…


Previously Sukhibhava Foundation. Improving gender equity, health and wellbeing of marginalised menstruators across India

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